Hai there beautifuls. My names Lyndsay, but people call me Izzy.
I'm twenty years old. Nothing i post i claim to be mine unless stated otherwise.
I tag gore (least likely tag unless it's an anime gif, i don't like gore.), nsfw, epilepsy warnings, gif and food .
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Had a lovely weekend with my boyfriend. So happy I have him for cuddles and forehead/nose kisses when i need him :3 

ninja-roach replied to your post: Boyfriend is a cutie pie

aww u two are so cute together

Thankyou lovely :3 <3 

xoxo-tink replied to your post: Boyfriend is a cutie pie

Ya’ll are so cute together!

Thankss :3 

Honestly used to hate my natural hair so much.  Now I love it.
Queen of curls

I get super annoyed when someone corrects me on my english. For example “colour”. I understand that in some other countries english is spelled differently, that’s fair enough. However correcting an english person on their correct english is a bit of an irony. 



Ivory Peach by misamys