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Reaching (27/54)






That’s it.

I’ve finished.

I’ve watched all of Red vs Blue.

Fuck. Now what do I do to waste my infinite time?


That’s the one about them 4 chicks in different coloured outfits and something about powders that do shit right?

Is it worth it though.

Cos yaknow.. You have.. Questionable tastes.

It’s called dust and it’s made by the same people who make red vs blue. It’s funny at times, you get a fair amount of action, second season however i would say is better because they put more of an effort in due to the first season being sort of a practice (Like most of the characters around them who aren’t named are just black shadows) But it’s a good show.


*whispers* blake is adorable as well. that’s worth it.

Yea I saw it advertised on the site.

You literally are dating someone who woulda fit in perfectly in the Backstreet Boys or Westlife or Five don’t fucking scream your tastes are awesome at me you tried to recommend heartbreak yesterday fuck you Lynds.

I might give it a go though, I don’t mind the first season being lazily done I was happiest with RvB in the first five seasons anyway.

Who the fuck is Blake stop spoiling shit for me Lyndsay Jesus Christ it’s been two minutes and you’re trying to ruin it for me.

I’ll tell James you said that, You know he loved red vs blue as well, and other, well, geeky things i sometimes find questionable :P He’s lovely and would not fit into the backstreet boys. And bonus points, he’s not an asshole. 

I would if i were you, and blake is a character, you see her in one of the trailers, she is one of the main characters, what would be a spoiler is telling you her secret! 


츄츄 돌리 동전지갑

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